Your support needed to build 0.3 miles of Ke Ala Hele Makalae

Kauai Path is asking you to register support for Resolution 2021-13, expected to be before the Kauai County Council on Wednesday morning, April 21, 2021.

When approved this resolution will allow Public Works to purchase a easements that will be required to build and maintain the pedestrian and bicycle path along the South and makai sides of the Islander on the Beach resort.

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Replacing the existing sidewalk (shown above) and building a multi-use path in front of the Islander on the Beach resort as planned and approved by our Planning Commission benefits all path users.

County agencies have been planning and building this federally funded project since the mid 1990s.

The path’s name is “Ke Ala Hele Makalae,” the path that goes by the coast.
For the past 25 years Ke Ala Hele Makalae has been presented for the public benefit as:

  • an attractive transportation alternative,
  • a health & wellness promoting amenity, and
  • a way to secure legal access along the coast in perpetuity.

Our local government has taken on the responsibility to use Federal Highway Administration funds specifically allocated for this type of multi-use path facility to benefit path users and the host community.

Every step required in planning and building this path system has adhered to Hawaii’s stringent environmental review and assessment procedures. Accordingly, this specific portion of the coastal path alignment has been exhaustively studied from every angle, weighing the potential risks and expected benefits.

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The Planning Commission issued Special Management Area Use Permit SMA (U) 2018-3 and Shoreline Setback Variance SSV-2018-1. The Planning Commission, as chartered by the County Council to evaluate all the evidence presented in the permitting process, approved aligning the path specifically on the makai side of the Islander on the Beach resort, including safeguards addressing the possibility of coastal erosion.

Now the matter of actually purchasing the easements needed for Public Works to build the coastal path in the vicinity of the Islander on the Beach is before the County Council.
Proposals to move this segment of the multi-use path away from the coast have been suggested, based on the possibility that the path surface could be damaged due to coastal erosion. The problem with that suggestion is that routing the path through parking lots and on roads will expose people to motor vehicles, increasing the risk of collisions and injuries to vulnerable path users such as children.

Would there be a potential crash hazard in front of Islander on the Beach? The concern is that pedestrians crossing between the resort and the coast would be run down by bicyclists. However, since 2004, many miles of path have been enjoyed routinely by thousands of people walking and bicycling without a single publicized incident of a crash between people walking across and riding on the path.

Our local path is now drawing national attention to Kauai as a destination, due to being selected as one of our country’s five best-loved recreational trails in USA Today’s recent competition.

We entrust the Council with advancing the public benefit. Please click here to register your support.

Please support Resolution 2021-13 (~154 KB .PDF) to assure that the public will have legal access and a practical means to enjoy the coast.

Feel free to contact us with your concerns, questions, or comments.