Progress on the Lydgate Park to Lihi Park connection --2019 Update

Our Friend of the Path Richard Sugiyama continues to provide historical perspectives on the construction of Ke Ala Hele Makalae over the years. The newest batch of photos are the work in progress along Moanakai Road, Papaloa Road and Kawaihau Road.

You can view completed sections of Ke Ala Hele Makalae Phase I (Lydgate Park) and Phase II (Kapaa to Kealia Beach) on Google Maps—when you get to the Google Map please drag the yellow man to the marker for a street view of the path.


 Ke Ala Hele Makalae  Coastal Path Progress  ::  Lydgate Park to Lihi Park   ::   March 2013

Much work has been done recently, and most noticeable are the construction sites at Wailua Bay and along "Baby Beach" (a.k.a. Waipouli Beach Park or "Fuji" Beach). Richard didn't photograph the Wailua Bay portion since there is no shoulder along Kuhio Highway to safely take photos.

Extensive path improvement is being made on Wana and Niulani Roads from Kuhio Highway to Keaka Road. This photo is at the entrance to Kapaa Shore Resort Condominiums (near Kauai Cycle) where the two-way road becomes one-way with the path.




The gravel base was being installed at the corner where Keaka Road becomes Moanakai Road. The view is looking toward Kuhio Highway.



Above: Further along Moanakai, this is the view looking South at that corner.
Below: Looking North from the same point, Moanakai has its asphalt surface removed in preparation for the changes to one-way with the path.



At the current South end of the existing path in Lihi Park, the concrete continuation has been completed to Moanakai Road.


 Kawaihau Road spur

There are now some way finding signs posted on the path, like this one indicating the crossing at Kuhio Highway and Kawaihau Road. Looking North is the first sign (above) and looking South (below) is the second sign.



Above: The crosswalk has been painted and signals installed. 
Below: The path is completed up the hill to the old dirt trail.


The portion beyond that was a stub-out until 2017. Work in mid-2017 continued through the bushes to the top of the hill and connecting to the sidewalk fronting Mahelona Medical Center. That work was completed by military reservists who traveled to Kauai as part of the Pentagon's Innovative Readiness Training program.


The path spur is now (2017) complete and fully wheelchair accessible to the top of the hill.

This is what the concrete sidewalk is now continued to. Beyond is the elevated boardwalk portion that does several switchbacks to the hill top. Barely visible to the left is the original asphalt path (trail) used for many decades.

There is an informational history display with an example of a train rail track.

The transition from concrete to elevated boardwalk. Decking is plastic and railing is fiberglass with metal hand grab bars.

After the first switchback you can see more of the boardwalk's upper portion. Vegetation is already healthy throughout.

This is the under-boardwalk structure of metal supports and large concrete footings.

Looking back is the first view of Kapaa Town below.

A tree tunnel on the path. Note that there are level sections every few yards for rest stops.

Just past the tree is a platform. When this photo was taken, there was no clear view due to the overgrowth.

At the next switchback you can see the original asphalt path below.

Looks daunting beyond, but a very easy walk, stroll, ride, jog.

A higher view of more of Kapaa Town.

End of the boardwalk and the concrete walkway to the street.

The plaque embedded into the sidewalk by the construction crew.

End of the spur with signage.

The sidewalk leading to Kawaihau Road and the entrance to Mahelona Hospital.





Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path Progress   ::   Lydgate Park to Lihi Park   ::   June 2012

Construction on the segment near Wailua Bay has been started with sidewalk and water supply improvements. Starting on the south end of Papaloa Road, changes are being made fronting Wailua Bay View...

Along Kapaa Sands...

Under the shady trees of the Lanikai Condos...

Past their tennis courts to the public beach access...

Up to the south entrance of Coconut Marketplace. Off in the distance is Kauai Sands' sign at their driveway.

Work is simultaneously being done at the north end of Kapaa Town on Kawaihau Road, known as the "spur." This photo is taken on Kuhio Highway looking up Kawaihau. The right shoulder will have a concrete sidewalk to where the existing path is. A new handicap-access walkway will zig-zag up the hill to Gore Park near Mahelona Hospital.



May 2011 Update
This section was opened for public use May 31, 2011

The multi-use path portion has been completed as far as the decking over the cantilevered portion of the new bridge.

|The fiberglass railings are about to be installed. Note sugarcane theme.

The rock veneer both above and below the walkway appears complete.

This is at the north side of the bridge, looking north from the parking lot driveway towards the Kuhio/Kuamoo intersection. For the "Bridge Phase" of this State Department of Transportation project, the path presently terminates at the traffic signal.

Looking south from the same point, this is what you'll see as you approach the bridge.
(Mr. Sugiyama then crossed the river to photograph the north-bound approach.)

As you leave the Kuhio/Leho/hotel intersection, the path looks the same except for new landscaping and the safety barrier wall to the left, between the path and the highway.

The old path termination (the loop) is still there, but newly landscaped with (future) interpretive signs.

But now you approach the new section. Note the gecko graphics on both sides of the pathway.

Then you near Wailua Bay rounding the bend in the road...

And head on over the bridge.

Here are a couple more photos, though not related specifically to the bridge work.

The ponds at Lydgate Park are almost ready for opening as well, with higher rock walls and deeper bottoms.

And the Pavilion was having its roof constructed so should soon be weather-tight underneath.

:   :   :

Garden Island Arts Council President Carol Yotsuda contributed the following image and comments:

May 21, 2011, Lydgate Park—Went to see how the Kamalani pavilion was coming along—the foreman in charge of the construction who came to my studio to look at the murals has framed the spaces for the nine completed murals. 

The sections with the plywood (6) are for the last ones that will be done in August.  The open sections are where the nine finished murals will go.

They [the contractor] have to do the roofing materials next and plaster all the cement walls...lots to do yet.

     — Carol Yotsuda, lead on the Kamalani Pavilion Rebuild Art Panels project.



Coastal Path Progress—Lydgate Park to Lihi Park, March 2011
New estimated completion near June 2011

All of the Acrow sections have been installed and construction equipment is utilizing it to complete the bridge, though the final surface isn't there. Currently only the motor vehicle lanes are done and the bicycle & pedestrian section will be cantilevered further out on the makai side. These two photos (above and below) show each end of the bridge where, off in the distance, you can see metal braces aligned with the concrete foundations.


A closer look at the north end (above) where one cantilever brace is installed. The concrete foundation next to it is where the pedestrian portion will continue to slope down toward street level.

This sloped section (above) has its foundation structurally finished and the lava rock veneer is being attached. Forms are being placed for the surface section of concrete.

This view (above) is looking south from the completed driveway of the parking lot at the Kuamoo Road intersection. Note the gecko impressions on the left piece of concrete. Reinforcing bars are wired in ready for the concrete pour to complete the surface between the driveway and Acrow bridge.

Looking north from the same driveway (above), the path jogs left to run alongside Kuhio Highway. The vertical rebars on the left are for the concrete guardrail between the highway and the path.




December 2010
Happy Holidays!
New estimated completion near June 2011

An overlook view of the bridge construction from the south.


From the south shore of Wailua River you can see that the structural Acrow sections have been completed over the river to the north bank.


All of the exposed concrete surfaces will be covered with lava rock veneer enhancing the look of the bridge. 


The road surface planks are being installed over the Acrow sections. At the time of these photos, approximately half of the bridge is covered.


October 2010

From the front page of the October 6 issue of The Garden Island newspaper.


August 2010



The most noticeable item completed is the crossing at the driveway entrance to the southern end of Wailua Beach. This is looking north with Kuhio Highway to the left and the ocean to the right.

Looking south toward the river and bridge construction.

Right now, it's hard to imagine what the path will look like leading up to the "train bridge."

Gecko images have been cast into the edges of the crossing.

Sub-surface drilling is still going on. There is no hard foundation or path surface here yet.

 The view from the beach up the Wailua River under the bridge.

It appears concrete pouring forms are being built at the ends of the cantilever supports.

This photo was taken looking south between the two bridges. Off in the distance on the opposite bank you can see the remains of an old concrete footing from the first bridge that crossed Wailua River.



From the southern (Lihue) side of Wailua River, the concrete is being poured where the highway "bends" to line up with the bridge.

Braces have been added to each side of the narrow bridge so that wider, pre-stressed concrete planks will be supported. The original planks had to be changed to accommodate 2 vehicular lanes and the path.