What People are Saying About the Path

Below, locals and visitors alike share their appreciation and enjoyment of the path.  Mahalo to all for your enthusiastic  comments! 

Ian MacG. sent a message using the contact form.

   "We visited Kauai last week [mid-October, 2010], staying at Aston Islander on the Beach. We had read about the path on your website and walked to it from the IOB along the beachside then for the short part along the roadside until going down to Baby beach and joining it at the start [Lihi Park]. From IOB to the end of the path and back was about 12 miles. We enjoyed it so much we walked it again later that week!

   "We just wanted to express our thanks for providing such a great resource. We saw many people using it on foot and on bikes and yet it was also so tranquil, with wonderful views, especially out towards the end of the path. Being keen walkers it was one of the reasons we stayed in this area, and we wish you all the best in your efforts to extend it, and the other paths, in the other planned phases.
    "thanks again,
    "Ian and Moira MacG., Edinburgh, Scotland

"PS: Edinburgh is also making efforts to become more pedestrian and bike friendly so we somewhat appreciate what difficulties  are involved in achieving such objectives. 
   "We look forward to visiting Kauai again since we had such a great vacation. 
    "kind regards,  Ian and Moira"


Willy G. of Issaquah, WA and his family visited Kapaa, and sent this letter to The Garden Island Newspaper, published January 10, 2010:

My wife and I and our four children recently enjoyed a vacation in Kaua‘i for Christmas vacation. We stayed in a condo in downtown Kapa‘a. We have visited and vacationed on several of the other Hawaiian Islands but this was our first time staying on the beach in Kaua‘i.

I wanted to express our thanks for the wonderful walking path along the beach. The walking path really enhanced our stay and made our visit even more enjoyable. Our children used the path everyday to walk into town, walk to the pool or generally explore the area.

My wife and I ran on the path several mornings and also enjoyed long leisurely walks along the path at night. I understand the walking path is fairly new and I must congratulate you on your investment in your community as from my prospective the path greatly enhances downtown Kapa‘a as a tourist attraction and it very much increases our desire to come back and visit and stay again.

I have read that there has been some opposition to the path. As a tourist and visitor, and a potential future return visitor, I wanted to let you know that the trail is a very strong draw to our family, and a wonderful enhancement to your community.

I might also suggest that the folks in opposition consider visiting other beachside communities similar to Kapa‘a, that have beachside walking trails, and see how it has made the town more attractive and usable to residents and visitors alike.

One town that comes quickly to mind, and one of our other favorite beach towns, Seaside, Oregon, which has a wonderful walking path, very similar to your town’s.

Thanks again for a wonderful stay, we enjoyed the community, we enjoyed the beautiful island, the wonderful people, and thanks again for a lovely beach trail that we enjoyed in so many ways.


Brad and Jen from San Francisco wrote a nice note and also took the time to share their positive experience with the mayor and various county officials. 

"My wife and I are visiting the beautiful island of Kauai during the month of December [2009].  While we've experienced many wonderful sites and beaches, and encountered many nice people along the way, so far our favorite outing has been renting bikes and riding along the Kauai Path [actually, Ke Ala Hele Makalae—editor] .

The Path provides an amazing way to experienc
e the coast, while also providing some great exercise.  We had a marvelous time riding up and back the Path a couple of times, and stopping along the way to further explore the beaches.  We also reveled in the beauty of the day.

We rented our bikes from Coconut Coasters, had a delicious lunch (with a great view) at Scotty's BBQ, and finished up our day by rewarding ourselves with a smoothie and a fresh pineapple juice from the shop next door to Coconut Coasters.

As we rode the path, we discussed what a brilliant idea it is, and what an incredible resource it provides for both tourists and residents alike.  Our very positive experience on the Path is one that will definitely draw us back to Kauai, and will be a main highlight we'll share with friends and family back home (especially those who are interested in biking).

While I'm sure constructing such a path requires some important considerations (such as environmental, land usage, burial ground issues), we nonetheless think that this is a tremendous resource, and one that we hope you and your citizens continue to support."


Brad and Jen

San Francisco, CA


Sharon commented:

"Let's work together to make this path a place for all to share. Whether it be walkers, runners, bicycles, etc.; not to mention us walking our dogs."


Mark commented:

"I no longer live in the islands, but it is great that a path is in place. My wife and had a hard time finding places to walk/run/bike when there (Maui). 

We now have a bike path outside our window that goes for 20 miles paved and connects several small communities. It is great, but it is freezing most of the year...boo. 

Anyways, please keep up the good work, it is sooooo important for there to be public places like this. Such a beautiful place should be public, not for wealthy only. 

The best and most stable/long lasting communities have lots of public space and good access for all, plus it is a good example for the youth. "


Jim and Jean commented:

"We spent a week on Kauai in January and were really pleased with the Coastal path!  What a nice asset to that side of the island.  We will come definitely come back and will be anxious to see the progress on the trail!" 


Jay commented:

"My sadly obese from her handicap disability niece who must exclusively use a wheelchair would love to be able to travel along the path on the Wailua Beach. She would be able to attend family and her friends' parties at the beach, as they would hold those fun times near the edge of the proposed path hopefully including her for the 1st time.
Thank you for your considerations."

Gerald commented:
"For a rarely seen, amazing view of the east side of Kauai, Hawaii, bike, walk or run Ke Ala Hele Makalae (the path that goes by the coast). This is one of the most glorious adventures you will take in your lifetime. You should not pass up this opportunity when you visit Kauai. This one of a kind coastal pathway encompasses once hidden views of golden sand beaches, beautiful blue ocean views, whales breaching the depths right before your eyes, majestic cliff vistas expanding from the Pacific Ocean, and some of the most lush green fern and fauna your eyes have ever beheld.
Bring your strollers, your children, pack a light snack and you are ready for hours of leisurely quality time with family and friends, or you can do it by yourself. Ke Ala Hele Makalae is truly one of Kauai's closely guarded secrets. It is an easy to access, laid back, feel good destination that won't cost you a penny. You must experience it!"

Eva U. from the Big Island commented:

I saw two interesting articles about making cities more bike friendly and thought I might share them.  I wish our own islands would share the same bicycle consciousness as the Netherlands, since we have a far better climate.



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