Recruiting volunteers for Volunteer Week Kauai 2022

Join The Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park or one of many other community service organizations around Hawaii to celebrate Earth Day near your home.

Please click here to register if you'd like to volunteer. If you, your school, or your community service organization are interested in new volunteering opportunities, this story about Volunteer Week Kauai (April 17-23, 2022) is for you.

One’s most serene moments might occur near home.

Picture strolling along a shady tree-lined sidewalk, feeling waves wash over your toes on a pristine beach, appreciating the massive strength of a horse from your saddle, nailing a sick ollie at the skateboard ramp, or watching your grandchildren frolic in a well-maintained neighborhood playground.

While these simple enjoyments all contribute to our peace of mind and make our communities richer for everyone, there is a deep sense of satisfaction awaiting those who are personally involved in improving some aspects of their environment.

The non-profit Kanu Hawaii is nurturing systematic approaches to increase community cohesiveness.

“Kanu Hawaii provides tools and opportunities for people to connect with one another,” said executive director Keone Kealoha, “and to take action that builds more compassionate and resilient communities across Hawaii. Our vision: Hawaii’s people are equitably thriving through healthy and vibrant relationships, shared aloha, and a deep rooted kuleana for one another and Honua (the Earth).”

Inspired by Kanu Hawaii’s guidance, Volunteer Week Hawaii (April 17-23, 2022) coordinators across the state are now extending invitations to individuals, organizations, and businesses on all islands to plan many separate volunteer events, culminating in an awesome Earth Day 2022 collaboration.

On Kauai the two Volunteer Week 2022 island coordinators are Nikki Cristobal and Tommy Noyes. Cristobal heads up Kamawaelualani Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to cultural and aina (land; that which feeds) protection, preservation, and perpetuation through public arts and  aina-based learning opportunities. Noyes is the general coordinator for The Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park and Kauai Path’s executive director. To learn more, click here to register for Volunteer Week Kauai 2022 or use Kauai Path's contact us form.

“Tommy and I brainstormed an extensive list of community service organizations that we’re contacting,” said Cristobal. “We hope every one of these groups, plus many more, will build their volunteer base by joining in this state-wide collaborative effort. Numerous small events around the island will be structured with pandemic-appropriate measures. I see Volunteer Week Hawaii 2022 as an excellent way to energize and engage a large number of new volunteers, both residents and visitors.”

Some Kauai organizations already on board include Healing Horses, Citizens Forester Program, Kauai Skate Ohana, Friends of Kamalani & Lydgate Park, Surfrider Foundation, and Rice Street Business Association.

Samantha Henriques, who coordinates Healing Horses Kauai’s program commented, “Our mission is to enrich the lives of people of all abilities through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies, improving their physical, cognitive, social and/or emotional well-being. Much of our good work is accomplished through volunteer efforts.”

“The Citizens Forester Program honors the reciprocal relationship between nature and humanity;” said island coordinator Sari Pastore, “empowering community members to become forestry leaders. Our community’s strong connection to place will help us in our work as tree ambassadors and speak and act on behalf of a healthy, functioning and resilient urban forest with both native and culturally appropriate tree species.”

Please consider being a part of Hawaii’s largest volunteer focused campaign.