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  • Be Courteous—All path users should be respectful of other users regardless of their mode of travel, speed, or skill level.

  • Keep the Path Clear—Use no more than one-half of the path when in a group. Move off of the path if you are stopped.

  • Be Predictable—Travel in a consistent manner. Look behind you before changing position on the path.

  • Keep Right—Stay to the right side on the path except when passing. Move back or to the right once safely past.

  • Signal When Passing—Give a clear warning signal by voice, bell, or horn before you pass.

  • Yield to Slower Traffic—Cyclists yield to pedestrians. “Wheels yield to Heels.”

  • Respect Private Property—Stay on designated paths or roadways. Avoid shortcutting switchbacks.

  • Respect the ‘Aina & the Park—Keep litter in trash receptacles.

  • Handler must be in control of dog at all times; if dog becomes aggressive, handler must immediately escort dog off path premises

  • Maximum of two dogs per handler

  • All dogs must have ID tags

  • Maximum leash length 6 ft (No extendable leashes allowed)

  • Handler must carry poop bags and remove and dispose of dog’s feces

  • Dogs may be on the paved portion of the path plus six feet on either side; in comfort, picnic pavilions, and rest stations; and led directly from trailhead parking facilities to the path

  • Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on the section of the path in Lydgate Park paralleling the beach and Nalu Drive up to the swimming ponds.



Please follow these guidelines to create an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone along the path

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