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Kauai Path has been actively engaged with the county planning department providing input to the South Kauai Community plan. The South Side community has clearly voiced their firm commitment to similarly invest in and benefit from an extensive network of walking and bicycling infrastructure that will advance wellness and assure their safety for generations to come.

Now that the Planning Department has approved the South Kauai Community Plan and the plan appears to be in its final form, Kauai Path board members have met with local community leaders and the county Planning Department to identify the top priorities for multi-use path development on the South Shore.

The goal of our initial focal area is to reconnect the communities of Koloa and Poipu by creating safe routes to commercial, residential, park, cultural/historical sites and business (local resort) areas. Kauai Path's vision is to start by building a multi-use path from the northern edge of Koloa (Anne Knudsen Park), through the village core, and down the historic Hapa Trail to Poipu Beach. Additional spur lines will be added to connect with the Eastern and Western by-pass roads. With your help, we will aggressively pursue achieving these goals via a direct multi-use path, providing easy access for keiki, kupuna, and visitors alike.


The Hapa Trail is a two-mile long historic connection between Koloa town to the Poipu Beach area. Dating back to the 1800s, the trail crosses archeologically-rich terrain where Hawaiians once cultivated kalo in flooded loi. It was abandoned when Poipu Road was developed in the 1950s.​ Since 1987 the Koloa Community Association has been advocating for the improvement of Hapa Trail for walking and bicycling.

Hapa Trail has been identified as a highly desired pedestrian/bicycle path to connect these two communities and the residences in-between. Practical improvements to the Trail (other than Koloa Community Association's periodic mowing and keeping the cactus and haole koa cut back) have yet to be made.

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