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Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path Progress – Kapa'a – November 2006

Progress as of November 18, 2006 Thanks to Committee Member Richard Sugiyama for the digital photos and descriptions!

Excavation in preparation of ramp and wall foundations has begun.

The ends of the Lihi bridge at Waikaea Canal were cleared away and trenches dug for concrete footings.

The same goes for the library end of the Moikeha Canal bridge.

This is the Hotel Coral Reef side of the same bridge.While I'm at this point, here are some extra observations...

I used to be able to walk, bike and fish along the northern edge of the canal.  But recently after Coral Reef completed their new swimming pool and fencing it in, the fence somehow got "extended" across this access path to the top of the rock berm preventing many from walking along there.  I don't think they own to the top of the berm... but I don't know.

This view of the "extended" fence is looking mauka from the path toward the highway.  The canal is to the left and the hotel's swimming pool is to the right beyond the hala tree.

If you look closely, you can see some beach "regulars" talking story on the bridge, hiding behind the plywood baricade.  Such an attraction, the bridge is already being used...

Meanwhile, the beach erosion continues, partly enhanced by the recent tsunami at the beginning of this week.

The seawall makai of Pono Kai Resort keeps sinking ever so slowly because wave action is still undermining the sand below the wall.  New sand was brought in a week ago to backfill the sink holes created by this settling.

The pavilion at the Kapaa Beach Park has been boarded up due to the loss of shoreline there. This view is underneath the concrete slab of the pavilion.

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