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Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path Progress – Kapa'a to Ahihi Point – December 2006

Progress as of December 10, 2006

Thanks to Committee Member Richard Sugiyama for the digital photos and descriptions!

Rock retaining walls are being built for the ramps at the Waikaea and Moikeha Canals.

This is the curved one at Moikeha behind the library.

A pre-construction view down the centerline of the path behind Scotty's BBQ looking toward the County pool.

Further north, grading has begun along the path corridor between the Kawaihau Road area up to the south edge of the bridge at Kealia Beach. Just the first scraping of the old cane haul road has made the riding VERY, VERY EASY!  You still need to have strong butt and thigh muscles, but it's already great riding!

This is just below the lookout before Kealia.

Note the new dirt berms on either side of the path.

This is at the very south end of Kealia Beach where the path continues but stops just before the new bridge.

The bathroom at the north end of the beach has plumbing being put in.

There is no new grading or road scraping at this point.

The retaining walls on the ends of the Kumukumu bridge are mostly complete but there is quite a bit more to get to final path grade level.

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