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Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path Progress – Kapa'a to Kealia Beach – May 2007

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Progress as of May 1, 2007

Concrete pour day makai of Pono Kai.

First day of May and the concrete is going down at the north side of the Waikaea Canal bridge.

The pour is NOT to the end of the bridge.  There are reinforcing bars exposed at the connection, so it's possible that this final pour will be with bridge-quality concrete instead of sidewalk-quality material.

Progress as of May 31, 2007 For safety reasons, Kauai Path does not endorse use of the Kapaa to Kealia Path (currently a construction site, not yet a part of the County's park system) until the facility is completed and opened for the public's enjoyment and general use.

Thanks to Committee Member Richard Sugiyama for the digital photos and descriptions!

During this month, the concrete has been poured from Waikaea Canal to the entrance road of Kapaa Beach Park, and then from Moikeha Canal to the County swimming pool.  They are currently working at Kealia Beach.

The path looks nice behind the K.I.D.S. school where landscaping has begun to bring the grade and grass flush to the edges of the path.

Concrete now meets with the Moikeha Canal bridge makai of Coral Reef Hotel.  No work has been done along the section between the library and Kapaa Beach Park's parking lot (possibly due to future path realignment away from the shoreline).

From that point, the section to the County swimming pool has been completed, including the walkway to the rest stop in the small park makai of the neighborhood community center.

This section is now also complete from the pool northward past Otsuka's store.  This means that there is a continuous, paved path from the pool to the south end of Kealia Beach.

At that end, the concrete is connected to the bridge over Kapaa Stream...

And continues north...

To approximately the halfway point of the beach.

Even the County bus stop will look nice as the forms for a concrete pad are going in.

The new bathroom at the north end of the beach looks painted and almost complete.  Note the shower pedestal to the right.

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