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Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path Progress – Lydgate Park to Lihi Park – May 2011

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Our Friend of the Path, Richard Sugiyama, provides historical perspectives on the construction of Ke Ala Hele Makalae over the years.

This section was opened for public use May 31, 2011

The multi-use path portion has been completed as far as the decking over the cantilevered portion of the new bridge.

The fiberglass railings are about to be installed. Note sugarcane theme.

The rock veneer both above and below the walkway appears complete.

This is at the north side of the bridge, looking north from the parking lot driveway towards the Kuhio/Kuamoo intersection. For the "Bridge Phase" of this State Department of Transportation project, the path presently terminates at the traffic signal.

Looking south from the same point, this is what you'll see as you approach the bridge.

(Mr. Sugiyama then crossed the river to photograph the north-bound approach.)

As you leave the Kuhio/Leho/hotel intersection, the path looks the same except for new landscaping and the safety barrier wall to the left, between the path and the highway.

The old path termination (the loop) is still there, but newly landscaped with (future) interpretive signs.

But now you approach the new section. Note the gecko graphics on both sides of the pathway.

Then you near Wailua Bay rounding the bend in the road.

And head on over the bridge.

Here are a couple more photos, though not related specifically to the bridge work.

The ponds at Lydgate Park are almost ready for opening as well, with higher rock walls and deeper bottoms.

And the Pavilion was having its roof constructed so should soon be weather-tight underneath.

Garden Island Arts Council President Carol Yotsuda contributed the following image and comments:

May 21, 2011, Lydgate Park

"Went to see how the Kamalani pavilion was coming along—the foreman in charge of the construction who came to my studio to look at the murals has framed the spaces for the nine completed murals. The sections with the plywood (6) are for the last ones that will be done in August.  The open sections are where the nine finished murals will go. They [the contractor] have to do the roofing materials next and plaster all the cement walls...lots to do yet."

— Carol Yotsuda, lead on the Kamalani Pavilion Rebuild Art Panels project.

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