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Ke Ala Hele Makalae Coastal Path Progress – Kealia Beach to Ahihi Point – September 2008

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Another ride northward: the remaining portion of the Path north of Kealia Beach has been paved, but is still not open and under construction.

The concrete has been poured up to, and immediately north of, the new bathroom at Kealia Beach. Beyond that asphalt has been layed in an effort to cut costs. From this point on, the path is considered closed (for now).

Just around the bend, this gate closes off the remaining portion. It will be removed once construction is completed.

Looking back toward Kealia Beach.

The view across the Kumukumu Stream bridge. Barely visible in the background is the Pineapple Dump pavilion. (Note: though this area was once more known for pineapples, the bridge railing has the sugarcane motif.)

The magnificent view from the pavilion above the south end of Donkey Beach.

And from the north end, a view back.

The "bitter end" of the path at Ahihi Point and Kuna Bay. Beyond used to lie the old cane haul road and the second "broken bridge."

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