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Kokee Fun Ride on the Contour Road

About fifty riders gathered at the picnic area between mile markers 12 and 13 on the Kokee Road for Fun Bike Kokee. We started by dividing into four rider groups: advanced riders, two medium groups, and the relaxed group. Riders started down from the crest of Polihale Ridge Road, dropped about 200 feet of elevation in a mile, and reached the Contour Road.

Following are the riders' comments and a few pictures.

"The ride was awesome. Thanks for the adventure and fun. I would love to do it again." —Lerma Catiggay

"We were happy to provide access for the Kokee Fun Bike Ride event." — Frances "Bully" Mission, Enforcement Officer, Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement ("DOCARE"), Department of land and Natural Resources ("DLNR"), State of Hawaii

"Thanks for the fun ride. I wouldn't have been on a ride today if not for this fun ride. Thanks again." —Mandie Cook

"Delightful. Nice people. Nice bikes. Community event. Do more! Thanks." —Robert MacDougall

"Beautiful scenery. Great place to work up a sweat." — Steve Penner

"If I can do it, anyone can!" —Ian Penner, age 12

"It was a great rough road Fun Ride—my first one. Aloha." —Dario Silbolboro, president of the Philippines Islands Hawaii Islands Cycling Club ("PIHI")

 "Great trail, good challenging hills, but loved the down hills. Let's go further next time." —Tyler Carvalho

"Great day! Good organization into different skill levels. Lots of fun, no pressure to 'perform!' Can't wait for next time!" —Jessica Matsuoka

"Great ride! Earlier start would be good! Shuttle from the bottom would be good :-)" —Keith Blake

"Super fun! Thanks for putting this together for us all. Beautiful country, great people. Thanks!" —Holly Cook

"Great Ride. Should organize trail rides more often and experience more trails with different skill levels." —Jerry "Jay" Lagazo, Jr.

"It was so fun! Thanks for the great opportunity to ride up in Kokee!" —Megan Ellis

"Very well organized ride. Super fun for all levels of riding. Thank you." —Tyler Justice

"We had a wonderful ridge in Kokee. It was fun and met a lot of great people!! We'd love to ride again!" — Brett Ishida & Leanne Padasadao

"Great ride, longer but smoother than I expected. Very well organized. Thanks" — Steve Westerberg

"Perfect weather, dry road, cheerful group." — Bob Nishek

"Great ride—a stretch for me. [I rode with the] middle [endurance level] group 12 miles—beautiful. Thanks Thomas [Noyes, ride coordinator] A-1 leader." —Sharon Geiken Nesterberg

"Well organized, fun ride. Boy, those hills were killer." —June Tada

"Great gathering even if we /I had to walk up the hill—will have to camp for a week to get acclimated to the elevation!" —Pat White

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