Get Involved with Kauai Path

Do you want to participate in future Kauai Path events and advocacy efforts? If so, please send us an e-mail indicating how:

  • Participate in visibility, education, or advocacy events    
  • Write a letter, or call to policy makers or media   
  • Attend public hearing     
  • Collect signatures     
  • Coordinate activities / events    
  • Serve on public or planning boards     
  • Make phone calls to other advocates     
  • Administrative assistance
  • Sharing information with other organizations
  • Second Saturday Sweeps

Please share your suggestions on the creation of better walking and bicycling facilities to benefit all of us…

From Peter B, May 8, 2013: "Was so glad to see this! Modern communities need these for SO many reasons!

"Every path I've ever seen was enormously popular to a wide and diverse population of the local community. Let's face it, times are stressful and any "town connecting" or oceanfront path is golden for physical and mental health, not to mention the enjoyment of nature and promotion of biking and walking.

"Where I live now in Alewa Heights there are no sidewalks, paths, or even shoulders but large amounts of local folks go walking, jogging, bike riding, dog walking, stroller pushing, and skateboarding IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and risk their lives for what they know is important.

"The ironic part is all the local politicians that run on the platform of "improving roads & sidewalks in Alewa area" but nothing different yet.

"One of the best paths is in Waipio Gentry where the path connects the shopping center, school and park with all the homes in the area with a horseshoe shape. When walking the path there you see most people greeting each other and an enhanced sense of community.

"Let's all advocate for more community pathways!"

Why bicycle? See this site that addresses biking's many benefits.

Safety is our prime concern. For more on this topic, you might want to review the Guide to Bike Safety at the National Home Security Alliance's web site.