West Side Path Opportunities

West Side residents launched their own community driven path project. A Citizens Advisory Committee ("CAC") was convened, and a consultant team completed the West Side Path Alternatives Report ("WSPAR") in 2012.  

The materials prepared for community input on the WSPAR include the maps below (click on each for a larger version).

 Waimea Routes
Kekaha routes

Public Input meetings were held October 3 and 5, 2011.

Summary of May 23, 2011 WSPAR-CAC Meeting (98Kb .pdf file)

Summary of June 20, 2011 WSPAR-CAC meeting (90Kb .pdf file)

Summary of July 20, 2011 WSPAR -CAC Meeting (82Kb .pdf file)

For WSPAR progress updates please contact Kauai Path's executive director.

Neil B. wrote on Saturday, July 23, 2011:
"How about posting some ride routes for the west side?  Not (official) paths but routes people can ride for fun.  Say, starting at Salt Pond and riding up the Hanapepe river on the levee and back.  Another might be up the Waimea river from the park. Just some thoughts."

Anybody want to map out those routes and send them to news at kauaipath.org?