Hapa Trail Walk and Talk

A Hapa Trail Restoration Committee activity, under the auspices of the Koloa Community Association.

Meet at the St. Raphael's end of the trail, in Koloa.

The Hapa Trail Restoration Committee's mission is to insure that historic Hapa Trail remains a community asset, as a pedestrian and bicycle path (as well as access for emergency vehicles and evacuation) connecting Koloa Town with Poipu Beach Park.

This Hapa Trail Walk will be an opportunity for Koloa Community Association Board members, interested residents, council people, candidates, planners and historians to learn more about the proposed restoration and alignment issues relating to historic Hapa Trail.

Mr. Louie Abrams, President of KCA, and Koloa resident Mr. Ted Blake, will discuss trail alignment and rock wall restoration, as well as zoning ordinances regarding Hapa Trail and the surrounding properties.

Kaua`i County Council has approved funds for an environmental assessment and a design consultant to complete plans for the connection of the trail from mauka to makai, and incorporate it into the Koloa/Poipu transportation plan.

Please join this first formal discussion, and see for yourself the importance of this historic trail.

Contact Ms. Jeri Di Pietro (651-1332 or ofstone at aol.com) for more information.