Fun on your bike—easy as ABC


Kauai is blessed with mild weather year round, and there are many opportunities to travel through the coastal and inland sections of our beautiful island home by bicycle.

When the time comes for you to roll your bicycle out of the garage and have a pedal-powered adventure, take a moment for this simple ABC Quick Check before you ride away and you’ll prevent mechanical problems that could spoil your ride.

Grandriders' Spectacular Adventure on Ke Ala Hele Makalae

Hey Grandriders of Kauai and supporters of "Living it Up While We Can!"

How the Dutch made their streets safer.

What can we Learn about Road Safety from the Dutch?
How to shift away from an emphasis on speed to a focus on people and places
If we can develop and design streets so that they are wonderful, fulfilling places to be – community-building places, attractive for all people – then we will have successfully designed about one-third of the city directly and will have had an immense impact on the rest. --Alan Jacobs

Complete Streets Done Deal

Change is not easy, but it is inevitable. For many years Kauai Path has been aggressively advocating for improved walking and safer bicycling infrastructure for Kauai, Hawaii, and the nation.

Wailua Path Opens

Story by Léo Azambuja | The Garden Island Newspaper | July 3, 2013

Indianapolis' Cultural Trail

Back in 2007 an ambitious project was launched in Indianapolis, with the goal of creating a vast network of beautiful protected bike/pedestrian paths around the city center to connect the city's five downtown Cultural Districts, neighborhoods and entertainment amenities, and "serve as the downtown hub for the entire central Indiana greenway system".

Construction of the Wailua Beach portion of Ke Ala Hele Makalae starts

Construction of the path within the State's Kuhio Highway right-of-way along Wailua Beach began in early January, 2013. Following is a media release from the County of Kauai  issued on December 7, 2012.


Progress on the Lydgate Park to Lihi Park connection --2019 Update

Our Friend of the Path Richard Sugiyama continues to provide historical perspectives on the construction of Ke Ala Hele Makalae over the years. The newest batch of photos are the work in progress along Moanakai Road, Papaloa Road and Kawaihau Road.

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